We have our own factory just a few minutes up the road from our studio/warehouse in Birmingham, UK that manufactures all our stock that we design. 

Since the beginning of Hissy Fit in 2015,  full transparency as a company has been paramount. Our factory & all studio staff are all treated fairly, paid fairly & have FUN! We have insights into our company on our instagram story highlights follow us @hissyfitclothing & get to know us! 

All stock you see on site we has been designed & manufactured by ourselves so you won't see it anywhere else! (occasional sample sale on Depop)

If you are you thinking 'Wait, I've seen that on Aliexpress' - unfortunately, it's a knock off of our designs. Chinese manufactures have been ripping us off for years by stealing our designs & imagery. There is pretty much nothing we can do to stop them, apart from spreading the word. We thank everyone for their support on this issue, always. If you see anything, please report to us - it's greatly appreciated.

The only stock we haven't produced are pieces in our Reclaimed by Hissy Fit collection. When we are not in the factory sampling new designs we are rummaging through dead stock from local factories & warehouses. Through doing this we have found the most amazing genuine y2k pieces and turning trash into treasure, for that we thank YOU for buying these pieces. You are making a huge difference! These pieces would have eventually ended up in landfill. For more info on this collection click here


There was an error with my payment?


Please make sure you are entering your billing address correctly - we get SO many failed payments because of this!

Your billing address must be the same address that is linked to the card you are using to make payment with!

Due to fraud protection our payment provider automatically blocks payments where billing & shipping address do not relate. A charge may temporarily appear on your bank statement while a background check takes place but this charge should be removed a few hours after attempting to place your order.

So, if you are currently living in student or temporary accommodation, please remember to put your billing address as your home address & your shipping address to your student accommodation.


I've changed my mind - can I cancel my order?

You do of course have the right to cancel your order if it is still being processed.

You can do this by using the CONTACT US stating your full name, order description & shipping address. 

However, if your order has already been dispatched then you will have to go through the process of returns.



What's going on with sizing?!


We have no set size guide, it's something we are working on right now but at the moment our sizing changes per item due to fabric & fit. We do however, now stock most lines in sizes XS-XL, which is a huge achievement for us as a small business manufacturing in the UK. Sizes may be smaller for our older (HF1) stock & Reclaimed collections. Please check the descriptions carefully for the item you are after, as there is advice in there for sizing. 

Can you make this longer? Shorter? Wider? With bells on?

We would really LOVE to be able to do custom orders for you but unfortunately we can't. Our stock in made in large batches in our factory, it it too expensive for us to create custom orders. 

However, we always love to hear the things you would like to see us selling!


I wanna work at Hissy Fit!!!!


Great! We would love to have you babes. 


If you have a background in fashion/retail/e-commerce/graphics/social media, have a true love for anything glittery, secretly live in the 00s & always wear what the fuck u want - then we wanna meet u.


We are based in Birmingham City Centre so you MUST be living here & you also have to be ok with the Birmingham accent because our studio is full of alright babs x


We cannot at the moment accommodate for design/pattern cutting interns! If making is ur thang then we can't help you here sorry! We have our own factory in Birmingham, UK that makes all our stock for us and they currently do not offer placements.