Q: Who made my clothes?


We design everything in house and have our own factory just a few minutes up the road from our studio/warehouse in Birmingham, UK that manufactures all our stock! 

For more information about our supply chain, click here

Q: Where are your fabrics from?

A: That's a secret we'll never tell...

...but we will tell you that we have the best fabrics suppliers ever! We do have to keep some things under wraps for any stalking competitors but all the fabrics we are are amazing dead stock / end of line / vintage rolls that we have rescued. 

For more information on our fabrics, click here

Q: Where is my order confirmation email?

A: Probably in your junk

...but if not just get in touch and we can look into it for you! We will need your full name & a rough day/time you ordered. Our email is: hiya@hissyfitclothing.com

Q: Where is my dispatch confirmation email?

A: It's coming!

Our dispatch confirmation emails go out late in the evening, so bear with us. Your dispatch confirmation email will land in your inbox as soon as your parcel has left our warehouse. More information here

Q: There was an error with my payment? 

A: Your billing address was probably entered incorrectly. 

Your billing address must be the same address that is linked to the card you are using to make payment with.

Due to fraud protection our payment provider automatically blocks payments where billing & shipping address do not relate. A charge may temporarily appear on your bank statement while a background check takes place but this charge should be removed a few hours after attempting to place your order.

So, if you are currently living in student or temporary accommodation, please remember to put your billing address as your home address & your shipping address to your student accommodation.


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Yes, if it is yet to be processed.

E-mail us asap stating your full name, order description & shipping address. 

However, if your order has already been processed/dispatched then you will have to go through the process of returns.

Q: I returned my order to you. Have you got it yet?

A: Yes and we are working on it.

Once your returned parcel arrives back to our warehouse it is processed within 30 working days of it's arrival. 

Q: Do you do custom orders?

A: No, but yes....

We do not do custom orders as a full service, however if you have any queries regarding a custom size of items we already stock then do please get in touch and we will see what we can do. 

Q: Are you restocking?

A: Not likely...

We use dead stock / end of line fabrics which means we very rarely come across the same fabric twice. These fabrics are usually just small rolls so we are very limited on the stock quantities we can run so we aren't able to restock lines a of the time but it does mean that we have new stuff coming through all the time! Keep an eye on our instagram for the latest updates of stock drops/restocks. 

Q: There isn't much diversity on site? 

A: Sorry about that! 

Hissy Fit rebranded in January 202 just before UK Covid lockdown. Majority of images currently on site are owner Danielle, who had no choice but to take matters into her own hands during the pandemic and product her own content. Since the easing of lockdown we have had small shoots with friends and relatives but we hope to have models in very soon and build new relationships so we can work with them on a daily basis. We pay our models just like our other staff, so we will get fresh faces in when we can afford it. As a small business in slow fashion, this also results in slow growth and limited budgets but we are always working towards making the best possible shopping experience for you. 

Q: Why use plastic packaging?

A: We have to right now, but hopefully its not forever.

Our products have a journey and clear plastic bags protect them on their journey. Our factory is a 4 minute drive from our warehouse and we either collect our stock or it gets dropped off to us in small batches in reusable shopping bags. These items of clothing (in their individual clear plastic bags) then gets put into our warehouse and awaits to be sold to its new forever home. We need to keep our products in pristine condition for our customers, without protective packaging clothing would be open to the elements (eg dust, smells, bugs, light) which would make them unsellable and destined for the bin. As we slow fashion, this does mean slow sales. Some items in our warehouse have been there for years, they need their plastic packaging. However, these bags can and should be recycled so please place them with your normal plastic recycling rubbish so it can be given a new life. Our outer packaging is also plastic, though they are made from recycled materials but we know we can do better on those. We are working on switching to a biodegradable version as soon as we have the budget to do so. We are currently not looking to switch to paper or cardboard outer packing as we know these would get too damaged in transit. We are always doing our best, and improving constantly. Thank you for your patience with us. 

Q: Will you be making more sizes? Petite? Tall etc?

A: Hopefully!!

We're so excited for the future of Hissy Fit. We are a small independent brand who manufactures in the UK, so growth is pretty slow for us but we have already achieved so much over the last 7 years so who knows what the next 7 hold! We can't wait to accommodate more sizes, shapes & styles. Stay tuned!

Q: Do you sell gift cards/vouchers?

A: Yes!

Here is a link for you: https://hissyfitclothing.com/collections/gift-cards