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Exclusively designed and ethically manufactured by Hissy Fit Clothing in the UK

This B&W Dogtooth Wrap Skirt is a super versatile closet staple! It's made from a beautiful lightweight fabric that wraps around your curves, and a long stretchy black binding to tie the skirt to your desired fit. Perfect for any season and occasion, this A-line shape is sure to flatter and make a statement, so get ready to look stunning day or night!

Product Details

  • Made from gorgeous lightweight fabric
  • Wraps around to fit 
  • Super versatile - wear day or night, summer or winter!
  • Long stretchy black binding
  • Tie to fasten to desired fit 
  • A line shape


  • One button hole to feed straps though and secure in place

  • 2nd and 3rd generation are 1/2 inch longer than 1st generation (each size).  great for the taller girls. Starting at 16inch going up to 21 inch

  • WIDER to provide more overlap of fabric for better coverage. Stick to your usually size.

Sizing Details

  • Size 2XS best for UK 4/6 - length 16inch
  • Size XS best for UK 6/8 - length 16.5inch
  • Size S best for UK 8/10 - length 17inch
  • Size M best for UK 10/12 - length 17.5inch
  • Size L best for UK 14/16 - length 18inch
  • Size XL best for UK 16/18 - length 18.5inch
  • Size 2XL best for UK 18/20 - length 19inch
  • Size 3XL best for UK 20/22 - length 19.5inch
  • Size 4XL best for UK 22/24 - length 20inch
  • Size 5XL best for UK 24/26 - length 20.5inch
  • Size 6XL best for UK 26/28 - length 21inch

Need a shorter length? Make sure to check out our Alterations Service

Care Details 

  • Wash inside out, at 30, on a hand wash cycle 
  • Do not iron or tumble dry