About Us

Don't throw a HISSY FIT over what to wear anymore - we got you💦

✨All of our items are 100% designed & made by us, in house, in the UK.
✨Everything you see on our website is original, unique & made with pure love.
✨Created in 2015, originally we were a rave/festival wear focussed brand with admittedly limited size options, we have now rebranded to be a more size inclusive & diverse brand. (We know there is more to do, stick around - we ain't finished yet!)
✨We rebranded in January 2020, bringing through more wearable pieces in sizes UK 4-18 whilst still keeping the true Hissy Fit style. This was a massive step & a huge investment for us, but the best thing we have done.
✨As every small business, we were hit hard by Covid in March which has put a halt on our rebrand but thanks to all our amazing #hissyfitbitches - we have been busier than ever! 

✨Based in Birmingham UK we do everything from here including; designing, marketing, shipping, photography, web design, returns, social media.
✨We took over a new unit at the start of the year and put a huge investment into refurbishing the place, it's finally getting to be an amazing headquarters that we hope will open up jobs in fashion in Birmingham. Watch this space.

✨Also based in Birmingham UK and just a 4 minute drive from our warehouse/office. 
✨The factory is a separate company and a small family run business. We have worked with this factory for nearly 6 years. 
✨We visit the factory daily to oversee all production, work on samples, collect stock and catch up over a coffee. 
✨Having a factory so close means we know exactly who made our clothing, and under what conditions. We have a full transparent supply chain and that has always been important to us. With the factory being local this is also means that our carbon footprint is super low, instead of importing from overseas. 
✨We show as much content as we can of the factory (see our instagram story highlights & Tik Toks for loads of insights) but we do have to respect their privacy as a separate company. 

"I studied Fashion Design at university for 4 years & then got a full time job in retail. I couldn't afford to move to London to get my dream job in fashion, so I created my own instead. After a few years in retail management (imagine it's now 2015) I started really craving a creative outlet and that is how Hissy Fit was born. I grew tired of sales targets, boring stock packages and so many rules! I always remember thinking 'when did shopping get so serious?!'
I began designing, making & selling pieces online on my days off from work. I sold out of my designs within 2 weeks and that really gave me the drive to keep it going. I was working long hours out of my nans spare bedroom keeping up with orders when I decided to get serious. I finally said goodbye to my job and handed in my notice a week before Christmas. Not the best move as I then desperately needed money to invest in stock, so I went to The Princes Trust for help - after an intense business course, I had to attend a dragons den style interview, propose my business plan & beg for a loan - I passed and put all the money into my first proper collection and HF was in full swing. From that moment on, Hissy Fit has gone from strength to strength.

I managed to find a small UK factory to manufacture for me as demand grew. Then, as I had a load of stock, I needed space. I rented my first studio in Birmingham city centre. Hissy Fit has now had 5 moves and I'm in my biggest unit yet (it took a full renovation but going to be worth it!)

I am adamant on using UK manufactures for stock, local students for interns & regular, everyday girls for modelling. I want to let past, present & future HF customers know that every single penny I make from HF goes straight back into the business (apart from my pittance of a wage - a girls gotta eat). Everyday is a struggle but I push through it because I know we all deserve better than shopping the same old unethically manufactured overpriced crap on the high street. Shopping should be fun, you shouldn't be treated like robots & life is way to short to wear things because the mass market tells you too. I work my ass off everyday on HF and don't plan on stopping any time soon! Watch this space b. Love ya #hissyfitbitches"

- Danielle  ​