Supply Chain

Here at Hissy Fit we keep it real. A fully transparent supply chain is so important to us and for you as a consumer. We don't work like many other businesses, so we know it can be quite confusing to understand us - but we hope this helps! Keep scrolling to read all about our Warehouse/Office, The Factory & Our Fabric Supplier. 

✨Based in Birmingham UK we do everything from HFHQ including; designing, marketing, shipping, photography, web design, returns and social media.
✨We took over a new unit at the start of 2020 and put a huge investment into refurbishing the place, it's finally getting to be an amazing headquarters that we hope will open up more jobs in fashion in Birmingham.
✨The warehouse/office houses Owner Danielle and assistant Leah


✨Also based in Birmingham UK and just a 4 minute drive from our warehouse/office. 
✨The factory is a separate company and a small family run business owned by Bill & his wife Jaswinder. We have worked with this factory for nearly 7 years. 
✨The factory has a team of 4 seamstressesL Saima, Sarah, Sarla & shadia.
✨We visit the factory weekly to oversee all production, work on samples, collect stock and catch up over a coffee. 
✨Having a factory so close means we know exactly who made our clothing, and under what conditions. 
✨We show as much content as we can of the factory (see our instagram story highlights & Tik Toks for loads of insights) but we do have to respect their privacy as a separate company. Not all our seamstresses want to be on camera, so you will probably instead see a lot of the factory managers Bill and his wife Jas.
✨ Our factory grades their own patterns, lay rolls of fabric and cut in small batches. You will probably find the same items in a few different prints, this is the best way for us to work so it gives us the most amount of stock whilst saving time
✨We lay our fabric in a way that creates the least waste. However, if there are any offcuts/scraps then we use them to make new pieces! These are typically our 'one size' items or items that run in a small size range only, due to the limited amount of space we have. 
✨Any scraps that are too small or unusable we donate to local universities, collages, small businesses, schools and nurseries for projects and craft days. 


✨Also based locally, but we will never give away the location/name. Sorry!
✨Our USP is our fabrics, and our supplier is our best kept secret. We have been working with them since the start of Hissy Fit and they always provide the goods.

✨We buy dead stock / end of line fabrics only. These are fabrics that have been cancelled by other companies, buyers have perhaps changed their minds, there's a small fault with the fabric, they have ordered too much etc so they get rid of it. These rolls could potentially end up in landfill if unwanted or stored for too long, so we rescue them before they are wasted.  
✨We buy them typically in job lots, and make it work. We love this because it's so much more fun! We love a design challenge and makes us more unique as you rarely find our fabrics anywhere else!
✨This does mean that all our fabric is limited. We tend to end up with one roll per print, which doesn't give us a lot to work with. The odd occasion we will come across a batch of the same fabric so it allows us to do a good quantity in our full size range, but sometimes we have to decide which sizes/styles make the cut.
✨Once we use all our fabric, it's rare we can restock. We are always getting hold of more fabric though so don't worry if something you love has sold out, we are making new little batches all the time.