Don't throw a HISSY FIT over what to wear anymore - we got you💦xxxx

✨Hissy Fit Clothing was originally founded in 2015 by Fashion Design graduate Danielle. 
✨We are a super small team of 3 office/warehouse staff + a factory team of 6 seamstresses.
✨All of our clothing 100% designed & made by us, ethically in Birmingham, UK.
✨Everything you see on our website is original, unique & exclusive to Hissy Fit.
✨We sustainably source dead stock fabrics for our clothing.
✨We have a fully transparent supply chain and a very low carbon footprint.
✨ Our HQ currently homes 3 full time staff members: Danielle (Owner/Managing Director/Tik Toker), Shannon (Creative Assistant/PR wiz/Hype Woman), Prity (Operations Manager/Warehouse Queen/Motivator)

What we stand for

Valuing our Customer! Hissy Fit is your brand. We are constantly listening to your feedback/suggestions and taking action. We absolutely love chatting to you and seeing you wearing Hissy Fit. We pride ourselves on our customer service, there is no issue we cannot solve so get in touch via email if anything is wrong or playing on your mind. We also offer an alteration service if needed, click here.
Being honest & transparent! We are constantly improving and like to take you along for the journey. We show you when things go wrong as well as them going right. We offer proper transparency into who designed your outfit, who made your outfit, what fabric was used and who packed it. You can see it all daily on our socials, Instagram & Tik Tok.
Working with what we've got! We want to be a brand making a difference, not just adding to the problem. We work with what we've got before creating new. We use dead stock fabrics only instead of buying anything new, we make pieces from offcuts before cutting into new rolls, we shoot in local areas instead of flying overseas, we give freebies to customers before donating to influencer hauls, we buy vintage stock instead of importing, we use local manufacturing instead of overseas factories, we donate to charities instead of building our bank balance, we are mindful of our footprint instead of focussing on turnover, we empower our customers of all shapes, sizes and background instead of judging on follower count. We are Hissy Fit. 

Story of Hissy Fit;

"I studied Fashion Design at university for 4 years & then got a full time job in retail. I couldn't afford to move to London to get my dream job in fashion, so I created my own instead. After a few years in retail management (imagine it's now 2015) I started really craving a creative outlet and that is how Hissy Fit was born. I grew tired of sales targets, boring stock packages and so many rules! I always remember thinking 'when did shopping get so serious?!'

I began designing, making & selling pieces online on my days off from work. I sold out of my designs within 2 weeks and that really gave me the drive to keep it going. I was working long hours out of my nans spare bedroom keeping up with orders when I decided to get serious. I finally said goodbye to my job and handed in my notice a week before Christmas. Not the best move as I then desperately needed money to invest in stock, so I went to The Princes Trust for help - after an intense business course, I had to attend a dragons den style interview, propose my business plan & beg for a loan - I passed and put all the money into my first proper collection and HF was in full swing. From that moment on, Hissy Fit has gone from strength to strength.

I managed to find a small UK factory to manufacture for me as demand grew. Then, as I had a load of stock, I needed space. I rented my first studio in Birmingham city centre. Hissy Fit has now had 5 moves and I'm in my biggest unit yet (it took a full renovation but going to be worth it!). I have finally grown the business to a point where our factory has had to expand space, and now employ 6 seamstresses. I have a unit with full time warehouse staff shipping out orders, and an office with full time marketing staff. The dream is coming true!

I want to let past, present & future HF customers know that every single penny I make from HF goes straight back into the business. It's been a slow and steady road for HF keeping our manufacturing local & ethical as well as keeping pieces as affordable & inclusive as possible. Everyday is a struggle but it's all good fun. Our little team pushes through it because we know you deserve better than shopping the same mass produced, fast fashion sh$t.

Shopping should be fun and 100% guilt free - thats Hissy Fit.  I work my ass off everyday on HF and don't plan on stopping any time soon! Watch this space b. Love ya #hissyfitbitches"

- Danielle