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Exclusively designed and ethically manufactured by Hissy Fit Clothing in the UK

Create a bold statement with this fun, beige textured asymmetric flared top! Cut from thick stretchy material, the cool long slightly flared sleeves make a real style statement. The asymmetric hem and no fixed front or back means you can turn it whichever way for a unique spin each time you wear it. So go wild, show off the asymmetry, and express yourself!

Product Details

  • Made from thick stretchy material 
  • Long slightly flared sleeves
  • Asymmetric hem 
  • No fixed front or back, so you can wear the point on either side of the body 

Sizing Details

  • Size 2XS best for UK 4/6
  • Size XS best for UK 6/8
  • Size S best for UK 8/10
  • Size M best for UK 10/12
  • Size L best for UK 14/16
  • Size XL best for UK 16/18
  • Size 2XL best for UK 18/20
  • Size 3XL best for UK 20/22
  • Size 4XL best for UK 22/24
  • Size 5XL best for UK 24/26
  • Size 6XL best for UK 26/28

Care Details 

  • Hand wash only in warm water
  • Do not iron or tumble dry
  • Hang to dry